Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kaycee's Georgie Sicking in the news

In a Nov. 13 article on the Cowboy Legacy web site, Elladean Hays Bittner wrote a story on a series of interviews with Arizona ranch women. One of those interviewees was cowboy poet Georgie Sicking of Kaycee, Wyo. (pictured above), who spent most of her life in Arizona. To read the article and see accompanying photos, go to (this is a registration site).

Coincidentally, Katherine T. Feiten (former intern with the WAC's folk arts program), wrote an interview with Georgie Sicking that will be featured in the next issue of the WAC's Wyoming Artscapes newsletter, which is due out next week. If you don't receive the print copy of the newsletter, look for the digital version of it on the WAC's web site some time in December. Go to