Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vermont artists imagine the future

“Working Vermont Landscape: Variation 1” by artist John M. Miller of Coventry

Great idea from the Vermont Arts Council:

Art of Action is a multi-faceted art project funded by philanthropist Lyman Orton, owner and proprietor of the Vermont Country Store in Weston.

The exhibit recently closed after a six-week run at Burlington International Airport; another will open Monday at the Staart Gallery in St. Albans.

The project was conceived and organized around four goals, said Elaine Scolaro, communications and development director for the Vermont Arts Council, the Montpelier-based nonprofit that serves as the project administra­tor: To create visual interpreta­tions, by commissioned artists, from a report that describes Vermonters’ concerns about the future, the issues that are impor­tant to the state.

To exhibit the artwork, 105 works created by 10 artists, around the state.

A nine-month tour, that will end in July, will bring the artwork to 27 towns. Exhibit spaces include (or have included) galleries, town halls, libraries, a car dealer showroom, and Burlington International Airport.

The exhibit will travel to Washington, D.C., in April, where artwork will be on display in the Rus­sell Senate office building.