Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alyson Hagy passed on to me Vol. 1, Issue 2 of The Jackson Hole Review, which she brought back with her after a visit there in February with Philip Gourevitch and other UW writing staff and creative writing grad students.

A forum for local artists and writers in the Jackson Hole area, it is co-edited by Amy Early, Marcia Casey and Susan Marsh, (and Jason Kroman in the first issue); comes out bi-annually in the spring and fall. Submissions are accepted year round. The website has full submission guidelines, and their first issue is their also to peruse.

This issue features several poetry selections by poets Emily Paul, Jessica Flammang, M. Joseph Irwin, JEAL, and John J. Hanlon; a fiction short story by mary Billiter and essays by Elisabeth Ward, Stella Cabot-Wilson, Emily Paul, Jessica Flammang and Linda Hazen, and smattered with B & W photos and other artwork.