Friday, March 12, 2010

"A Mile of Quarters" to buy a kiln for AVA

From a press release:

AVA Community Art Center in Gillette is raising the remaining funds needed to build an outdoor downdraft car gas kiln at AVA. We will also be building a protective structure that is necessary to ensure the integrity of the kiln in our Wyoming weather.

The kiln will be available to schools, local and regional artists, classes at the art center, and numerous service organizations throughout our community.

AVA has received funding from The City of Gillette, The Wyoming Arts Council and some generous private donations. In order to complete our funding needs for the kiln AVA will be collecting quarters for "A Mile of Quarters" to raise additional funds to complete this project in 2010.

The Mile of Quarters campaign will begin within the month and your support is needed.

-Bring quarters to AVA Community Art Center
(If you wish to give more then quarters we are open to that too!)
-Send quarters to school with your school children when you receive the Got Quarters? Flyer from their Art Teachers

-Ask about joining the pottery committee
-Do you have pottery that can be used to collect quarters in? AVA would like to borrow them from you.
(Please do not loan us anything that we would worry about damaging or being stolen & make sure that you have your name and phone number taped on the bottom of the pottery)

FMI: or 307-682-9133