Thursday, May 13, 2010

Register now for Mountains-Plains Museums Association conference in Rapid City

Registration is now open for the Mountains-Plains Museums Association's annual conference September 13- 17 in Rapid City, S.D. Theme for this year is "Monumental Visions: Carving the Future for Museums."


* Premier educational/ networking event for leaders, volunteers, staff
* Tours of some really incredible museums, sites and galleries
* Sessions featuring new trends and solutions

Lots of workshops, tours and sessions offered

Workshops include:
1. Cleaning Museum Artifacts
2. Research Techniques
3. Your Vision - Your Exhibits
4. The Exhibition that Keeps on Giving
5. Carving the Future for Area Teachers
6. Interpretive Writing
7 Insurance 101: Protecting Your Collection
8. Can't you get a Volunteer to Help?
9. Inexpensive, Quick Custom-Made Mannequins

1. Lincoln Tour: Northern Hills (Lead and Deadwood)
2. Roosevelt Tour - Northern Hills (Sturgis, Belle Fourche, Spearfish)
3. Washington Tour - Central Black Hills (Crazy Horse, Hill City,
Winery, Keystone)
4. Jefferson Tour - Southern Hills (Mammoth, Hot Springs, Wind Cave National Park, Custer State Park)

Sessions: Here's a sampling of the many that will be offered.

Sessions for Students
Security on a Budget
Exhibits on a Budget
Websites on a Budget
Funding Sources
Native American Artists
Archival Collections
Building A Museum
Sessions for Small Museums
Sessions on Controversial Issues
Engaging Indian artists, historians
Copyright in Digital Collections
Designing a Temporary Exhibit
Textile Care Strategies
Collecting Materials from the Present
Budget Challenges
Identifying Fakes and Forgeries
Fundraising in Tough Economic Times
Accreditation Advice
Museum Studies Programs
Collections Conundrums
Leadership in Collections Practice
Funding Museum Publications
HVAC - installing correctly
Web Security and networks
IMLS: Opportunities and Resources
Planning Your Museum or Cultural Center
Storage Facilities
Disaster Plans that Really Work
Murals for your Exhibit
Victorian Clothing
Stewardship of a Historic Preserve
What Art Can Teach Us About History
Volunteers in Collections
Identifying Fossils in your collection
Care of Native Collections
Planning Collections Facilities
First Person Narratives
College/Museum Partnership
Thinking Big with Small Budgets
Museums and Technology
Visual Thinking Strategies for art
State Historical Societies--What they do
Identifying and caring for Quilts