Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Kind of Magick cooked up some in Casper

This past Saturday, Another Kind of Magick rocked the Depot with blues and rock and roll for a fundraiser. I'd read about them in the Casper Star-Trib and so wanted to hear them for myself. The article said that they were possibly going to be sponsored by the Wyoming Blues and Jazz Society to represent Wyoming at the 2011 International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

A group of teens playing the blues? Yeah, right, I thought. Much to my delight, and everyone else's who were there both at the plaza and in Casper, the boys can play the Blues, and with a musical maturity that seems rare these days. But then that's what the blues have always been about, the heart and soul connection that has absolutely no timeline or age limit. I said a small thank you prayer to the blues Gods, "It's still here and in good hands."

Those hands belong to Taylor Scott, 16, lead guitarist and vocalist; the Uribe brothers -- bassist Louis, 16 and rhythm guitarist Mike, 13; Taylor's brother and keyboardist, Evan Scott, 14; and drummer Mason Carberry, 14.

I went up to Casper and caught their show. They were playing for the Society's monthly get together as an audition, and as a get-to-know. They were hot on Saturday night at the Plaza, but they were on fire and cookin' during their last set in Casper. Needless to say, these guys are going places.