Monday, September 13, 2010

12-24 fundraiser in Casper

Saturday night in Casper. Went to the fundraiser late, so missed the vocal and instrumental stylings of Cory and the Crew and Jeff Finlin and Amy. Didn't mean to, but mother's birthday dinner and grandkids that had to be put to bed and listened for until they fell was a good plan to take them swimming for two-and-a-half hours that afternoon... 

Stepped out the door as soon as I could, and to the Parkway just as the last set had begun. The Three Twins and Broadband were playing. I'm listening to a 2008 recording of the subdudes on YouTube at the Irvington Town Hall Theatre in Irvington, NY as I write this. As Amy said in her email, "there are lots of synergies between them and Jeff Finlin as well as Cory...old friends, co-writers etc., which is why the lineup fell together as it did, and why Eric [Moon] and Cory ended up playing with them at the end of the night."

If you want to hear some great blues rock, not to mention some funk and blues and just a great groove, let me say, you have got to catch The Three Twins and Broadbend somewhere, somehow. There's a horn section--trombone, trumpet, sax--lead guitarist, bass, drummer, keyboardist and robust female singer who could growl with the best of them. People were up on their feet; a standing o, and they played "I Always Cry At the Movies" as an encore, which had everybody up dancing at their tables, or on their tables, I'm not tellin. Eric Moon and Larry Neeff, both kickin' keyboardists, played the upper register while the keyboardist twin played lower. Cory had already been up there for three or four songs, and was laying in some smokin blues riffs on his guitar. They played until almost the witching hour, and nobody really wanted to go home.

Can we get them here to Cheyenne for something, sometime? Amy says, "so of course any possibilities for multi-band things, twins headlining with Jeff/Cory whatever as opening act, would be especially cool :-)" Yep, definitely.