Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vote early for Hole Dance Films' "An After-Dinner Drink"

Kate Kosharek sends this:
Hole Dance Films (the production company that I co-direct here in Jackson) just recently finished its latest short film entitled, “An After Dinner Drink,” shot at local restaurant Rendezvous Bistro.

The true version is a whopping 7 minutes and I can't wait for you all to see it. BUT we have cut it down to 5 minutes in order to enter this Panasonic contest called Shoot it Share it.

Will you please help us win a camera by voting for the film?

We are so appreciative! Follow this link and let us know how you like it… most importantly, give it 5 stars. Go to

Look for it in the comedy category. Panasonic didn't make a dance film category... maybe next year...

We'll let you know when & where you can see the REAL version soonest!

Thank you so much for your vote!