Friday, November 12, 2010

Double-bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons performs at UW Nov. 17

From a UW press release:

Double-bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons, joined by guitar and percussion, will perform at the University of Wyoming at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 17, in the Fine Arts concert hall.

Tickets for the Cultural Programs concert cost $20 for the public and $17 for students and senior citizens. To buy tickets, call (307) 766-6666 or go to the Web site at .

"The music includes Celtic, tango, Andalusian folk, African, Latin American and Indian traditions, although Garcia-Fons describes it as ‘Mediterranean rim, Latin America, flamenco, and jazz'," says Cedric Reverand, UW Cultural Programs director. "When we first heard the trio, we thought they came from Brazil. This is jazz, with the polyrhythms one would expect, but with a melodic richness and harmonic inventiveness that listeners may well find surprising."

Garcia-Fons has had rigorous training in classical music, receiving an advanced degree from the Conservatoire da la Ville de Paris. US magazine commends Garcia-Fons for "command of orchestration, and profound skills as an instrumentalist," which "place him in an echelon truly deserving the accolade of ‘genius.'"

Photo: Renaud Garcia-Fons leads a jazz trio in a performance Wednesday, Nov. 17, at the University of Wyoming.