Monday, November 8, 2010

Warren Keldsen (a.k.a. WarrenZ): "Let your light shine/In this crazy town"

Warren Keldsen (a.k.a. WarrenZ) dropped by the Wyoming Arts Council offices this afternoon. He wanted to talk about grants for individual artists -- so we did. He also said that he plays most Tuesday and Thursday at Suite 1901 in downtown Cheyenne. Suite 1901 features live music almost every night. Food and cocktails too.

Warren left Wheatland to play in the Austin and Nashville music scenes. For an Americana singer-songwriter, those are about the toughest places to ply your trade. He's now finishing up his fourth CD and living in Cheyenne and encouraging ecveryone to go out and enjoy live music.

He's at Suite 1901 on Tuesday, Nov. 9. He then takes a vacation and will be back on Nov. 23.

Wyomingarts went to Warren's Myspace site and listened to his songs. We suggest you do the same. Listen to "This Town." You'll hear Austin and Nashville in it. Wyoming too. Go to WarrenZ at Myspace Music