Monday, March 21, 2011

Photographer and author Peggy Kelsey reports on the "Afghan Women's Project"

Gulalai, from the "Afghan Women's Project" 
From a Casper College press release:

Photographer and author Peggy Kesley will be at Casper College on Monday, March 28 to speak on the women of Afghanistan.

"Afghan Women's Project: Ten Years Later, the Follow Up" will feature a presentation by Kelsey as well as her photography of the Afghan women she interviewed.

"This is a perspective that seldom makes western mainstream news. Many important issues surrounding (Afghanistan) have been conflated to a simplistic view of their problems and therefore to simplistic solutions based on a western perspective. I believe that a more nuanced view of Afghanistan is transferable to other issues in other places. I believe that getting to know real people (by meeting them in person or vicariously) in one 'foreign' country conveys a broader understanding of people everywhere and the issues they face. I believe that awareness of and interest in people 'different from us' leads us to see our common humanity and enriches our lives," said Kelsey.

"If I have any agenda or message it is this: The situation for Afghans and specifically Afghan women may deteriorate during the coming years. But we, like the Afghans already do, must take a long-term view. What can be done now to secure the futures of the next generation for their children? There is one answer that doesn't depend on international politics and that is education, specifically rural education.

Kelsey will give three presentations on March 28: one at 10 a.m., one at 1 p.m. and one at 7 p.m., all in the Strausner Student Center, Room 217. The 7 p.m. presentation will be followed by a reception in Kelsey's honor. All presentations are free and open to the public.

The Afghan Women's Project: Ten Years Later, the Follow Up" photography exhibit and presentation are sponsored by Casper College, the Casper College Gender Studies Department, the Casper College Addictionology Department, the University of Wyoming Outreach School,and the Wyoming Humanities Council.

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