Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to Wyoming, Maggie

We at Wyomingarts get many interesting e-mails and phone calls from intriguing people. We've noticed one trend -- more inquiries from artists, writers and performers moving back to the state from elsewhere or moving here for the first time. One of the latter is Maggie Denton in Star Valley.

She started her free-lance efforts in 2009 by writing for greeting card companies. She and her husband moved to Wyoming last year. She was recently featured in "Names in the News" in The Star Valley Independent after placing 4th in an international essay contest, and has a growing list of publication credits. She lives with her husband and two mischievous cats who wreak havoc in her house on a regular basis -- "the cats, not the husband," she added. Maggie says that she "sometimes writes about the cats, admonishing them that they better make her some money, and start earning their keep."

We hear that the job market in Wyoming is pretty good. Not sure about jobs for felines, but we'll check it out.

Maggie sent us a long list of writing credentials. She writes non-fiction, fiction and poetry.

Wyomingarts invited her to join Wyoming Writers, Inc., and/or WyoPoets and sent her links to their web sites. If any of you fine Star Valley poets and writers want to e-mail a welcome to Maggie, send it to either or and we'll forward it.

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