Friday, July 15, 2011

Public-private partnerships enlivening Casper's city center

"A thriving downtown environment requires people. The more people who live and work down there, the more vibrant it will stay."
That's Wyoming National Apartments developer Steve Grimshaw speaking in the Casper Star-Tribune about the revitalization efforts in the Nicolaysen Art Museum neighborhood in Casper. Grimshaw is the developer of Sunshine Apartments I & II, low-income apartment complexes being built on the old KC Apartments space.

Casper received word this week that the National Endowment for the Arts approved a $50,000 grant for an arts space to be included in the redevelopment, which is being financed by the Wyoming Community Development Authority.

Also contributing to revitalization efforts are the city's new plaza and transit hub on Beech Street and the removal of a large barrier that separated the NIC from Kimball Street, opening up the area to residential neighborhoods to the south.Also in the works is a $1.63 million improvement project on Collins Drive between Durbin and Kimball.

Another quote from the CST:
"When all of this gets completed, between the new apartments, the street construction and the community installation, it's going to be a whole new neighborhood, almost," said city Community Development Director April Getchius.
PHOTO: Keifer Russell, with Grizzly Excavating, works on the edge pieces to a brick inlay on the sidewalks near the former KC Apartments with co-worker Manuel Alberto on East Collins Drive in Casper. Improvements to the area include two new apartment buildings, street beautification and a public art space. Photo by Tim Kupsick, CST.

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