Friday, September 2, 2011

Jackson Hole Writers Conference just one of Teton County's arts orgs to benefit from Old Bill's Fun Run

It's tough to argue with this description of Old Bill's Fun Run on its web site:
Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities is the most innovative fundraiser in the nation.
Here are some of the details:
Over the past fourteen years, the event has helped local charities raise nearly $75 million and has touched the lives of thousands.
The incredible $7,304,595 distributed in 2010 through Old Bill’s Fun Run represents contributions from 2,651 donors. Designated gifts of $5,149,982 were matched by a pool of $2,154,693 from Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, Co-Challengers and Friends of the Match.  The resulting match percentage totaled an amazing 54%, enhancing the impact of every Old Bill’s gift. 
We hope you can join us on Saturday, September 10 for a beautiful Old Bill’s Fun Run 2011!
Teton County arts and humanities organizations have benefited from the event. Wyomingarts just received a postcard from the Jackson Hole Writers Conference. The  JHWC is one of the top conferences for writers in the U.S. It’s been able to weather the vagaries of arts funding for almost 20 years and has a long future ahead of it. Some of its funding comes from conference fees. The rest is provided by grants from the Wyoming Arts Council, the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, local businesses and the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole through Old Bill’s Fun Run. The organization is managed by novelist Tim Sandlin who would much rather be writing. He gets lots of help from the local writing community.
Far be it from Wyomingarts to tell you which groups to contribute to (all of them!), but the JHWC is a great choice. Donate here:

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