Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Exquisite Animal" debuts Nov. 8 at National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson

Mix’d Media, a new once-monthly adult arts n’ media n’ mingling event, debuts at the National Museum of Wildlife Art on Tuesday, November 8. The inaugeral party, a “convergence of music, art-making, conversation, and delicious fare,” includes checking out Exquisite Animal: A Community Art Exhibit, an updated version of a Surrealist parlor game, “Exquisite Corpse.” Assistant Curator of Art Bronwyn Minton is the exhibit’s mastermind. Participating artists were given a piece of paper folded in thirds – and each artist drew either a head, body or legs on the top, middle, or bottom of the paper without looking at the parts drawn by other artists. When the paper unfolds, sublime fantasy characters make themselves known. Many local artists lent their talents to the show, on display through February 5, 2012.
“The nature of this game is that it is a surprise and a fast turnaround,” says Minton. “It’s exciting and suspenseful to let chance take a bit of control in this way. The artists don’t know who they are collaborating with, the animal will be imaginary – combining three parts of different animals – and the outcome is certain to be surprising, fantastical and delightful.”
Mix’d Media happens 6-9 pm, at the Museum. A $5 cover charge gets you in to meet the artists, make your own silk-screened artwork “inspired by exhibition artist DJ Vert-One,” enjoy comedy by Jackson’s Laff Staff, and check out a bar and great food from Rising Sage Café.
“Exquisite” artists include Dwayne Harty, Jennifer Hoffman, Jenny Dowd, Sharon Thomas, Kelly Halpin, Greta Gretzinger, Mark Nowlin, Amy Ringholz, and David Klaren. FMI:

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