Friday, December 16, 2011

Arts Alliance of Cheyenne exploring possible merger with Cheyenne Arts Council

From the Arts Alliance of Cheyenne:

The Arts Alliance of Cheyenne is exploring a possible merger with the Cheyenne Arts Council. 

We believe that a merger will have many benefits:
        Provide one face for the arts in Cheyenne
Cohesiveness in planning
Inclusion and more direct participation of all Art forms, Arts organizations, and individual artists
Pooling of resources so that they are used more efficiently
Consolidated fund-raising

Let us know what you think!  Please email us ( or Facebook us. The Alliance would greatly appreciate your input and thoughts. Ideas for fund-raising? Let us know!

Both the Arts Alliance and the Cheyenne Arts Council are hopeful of a terrific outcome.  Your good wishes are much appreciated!  

We wanted to keep you informed.

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