Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reception tonight in Laramie for photographer Doc Thissen's first solo show

Doc Thissen’s first solo exhibition is tonight at The Cavalryman Restaurant, 4425 S. 3rd, in Laramie, (one mile south of town on US 287). This event is sponsored by the Works of Wyoming center and The Cavalryman. Show starts at 5 p.m. This event is a cheese and wine reception.

Doc started making images in about 1976 with a Minolta A5 Rangefinder, (circa 1960 model). After thirty years of being self-taught, I decided to pursue photography as a career. I've been
working on my BFA in photography from the Academy of Art University (online - based in San Francisco), since 2008. I expect to graduate in 2014. With my education, I have determined that my primary discipline is going to be documentary and photojournalism.

Currently, Doc is working on two documentary projects: the Laramie Plains Civic Center, and the former Midwest/Standard refinery located on north Cedar street, (the latter is in conjunction with the Laramie Rivers Conservation District). Both of these projects are intended to capture the current conditions, along with the restoration/renovation/reclamation projects that are underway. More information can be found on his blog:

Doc Thissen’s Artist Statement:

I've always been fascinated by light; finding that quality of light unique to every scene; be it sunlight or a derivative of sunlight; the incandescent, the fluorescent, or the mercury street lighting that are found everywhere is the result of fallen sunlight; from coal-fired plants to the wind turbines that power our modern world. Photography is a both a science and an art; a study in light and time. In the moment that the shutter is open, the camera captures how things are, and sparks the imagination to wonder how things used to be, and what the future may bring. My background is firmly rooted in science and technology - it's the curiosity of the world around me that drives me to make the images I make.

PHOTO: Photo by Doc Thissen of the four largest murals at the Laramie Plains Civic Center. More information about the murals can be found on the Civic Center website:

P.S.: Doc Thissen is a member of the Wyoming Arts Council artist roster. You can bring him to your community for a presentation or workshop through an Arts Across Wyoming grant. Go to the WAC web site and click on the "grants" link on the left sidebar.

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