Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Join us May 3 for the retirement of Marirose Morris from the Wyoming Arts Council

Marirose Morris (photo by Linda Coatney)
 Wyoming Arts Council staffers often kid our colleague Marirose Morris that she knows everyone in the state.

All of her friends and family and coworkers are invited to a retirement reception honoring Marirose for her 19 years of service to the State of Wyoming in her position as Arts Access Specialist at the Arts Council.

It will be held in the State Museum Multipurpose Room in the Barrett Building, 2301 Capitol Ave., Cheyenne, on Thursday, May 3, 3-5 p.m.

If you cannot attend, please send your good wishes to Marirose at marirose.morris@wyo.gov or call her at 307-777-7723. You can also leave comments on this post.

We hope you can join in the fun on May 3!

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  1. My dearest friend ever...Marirose, you are the greatest...Your beautiful smile 'tells' it all. I don't believe the Stata of WY will ever be the same without your great personality and love of everyone always being present. Your chosen Road of travel will always prosper...your presence upon it will be like a continually red rose in bloom. God bless you. Tankachala your companion.