Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nominations for 2013 Community Spirit Awards are open


The Community Spirit Awards is a national fellowship award for American Indian artists. First Peoples Fund chooses honorees for their commitment to sustaining the cultural values of native people. The process of bringing spirit back to community is an important responsibility for artists - it is part of a sacred honor system. First Peoples Fund works to strengthen that honor system by recognizing these exceptional artists for knowing themselves, honoring others, and sustaining spirit in their own communities.

Nominees must be:
Practicing artists of demonstrated maturity in their field.
Continually practicing artists for a minimum of 10 years.
Documented affiliate of a United States tribe. (Native Alaska or Hawaii included!)
Note: In addition to Visual Arts, First Peoples recognizes contemporary and traditional forms of Performing Arts and Literary Arts.

Fellowships will be awarded to artists who demonstrate:
An artistic practice that passes on the traditions and the life ways of the people.
A commitment to building the strength of native communities by sharing their skills and talents with others in their respective communities; and
Deeply rooted and maintain direct ties to their tribal community.

Nomination Procedure:
Nominate online at First Peoples Fund or send a postcard to include complete names and addresses of both nominee and nominator to PO Box 2977, Rapid City, SD 57709.
Nominated candidates must be from an American Indian community.
Applications will be mailed out after nomination deadline has passed.

Selection Process and Expectations:
A national selection committee will review nominees and select awardees from those that meet the outlined qualifications.
Fellowship recipients will receive $5,000 designed to give them the opportunity to "practice their art."

First Peoples Fund
PO Box 2977
Rapid City, SD 57709

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