Thursday, May 17, 2012

Every jabronie with a snowboard in Jackson likes "Broetry"

The Teton County Public Library is sponsoring the "Broetry" Project in June:

You say you don't like poetry? What about poetry written by a "bro" for "bros" worldwide? “Broetry” is poetry inspired by beer, women, and the muse inside the soul of every jabronie with a snowboard. In a grassroots effort to trick Millennials into reading verse, Teton County Library has distributed Broetry posters at bus stops, bathrooms and bars around town. You can catch Broetry at these various locales in town, visit the Teton County Library to read Broetry by writer Brian McGackin and other surprisingly atypical literary offerings, or check out Free. Marisa Schweber-Koren, 733-2164 ext. 261,
BTW: What’s a jabronie? Or who? The Urban Dictionary has several definitions at

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