Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flutter Tunnel: From Nevada's Burning Man to small villages in Sierra Leone

Flutter Tunnel

Jackson's Bland Hoke, who worked with the Center of Wonder, recently graduated from Parsons and and says that he is "a bit nomadic at this point. He is "working on a project called Flutter Tunnel and trying to get the word out about it. Here is the scoop:"
In late August, I am coordinating a group of 12 people that will be creating Flutter Tunnel for Burning Man. As you may know, this festival takes place in the desert of Nevada and lasts 7 days. Our project is designed to last much longer as we are lighting it with solar powered lamps, which are sent to Sierra Leone after the installation is dismantled. We have partnered with Books for Africa and Schools for Salone to distribute the lights to rural schools for reading at night. We realized how powerful this idea is after receiving notice from the schools exclaiming how useful the lights are for promoting a culture of reading.
Our group received some support from Burning Man, and we have raised $3000 in ten days. We are using Kickstarter, and have a week left to raise the remaining funds. If it feels appropriate to feature the project on the blog we would appreciate any extra exposure. Or if you are stirred by the concept feel free to donate! We have crafted a series of interesting rewards for your contribution! Thanks in advance and have a splendid day.

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