Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tuvan Throat Singers return to Meeteetse

Huun Huur Tu Tuvan Throat Singers


The Park County Arts Council in Cody 
presents Huun Huur Tu Tuvan Throat
Singers on...

Thursday September 27, 2012
Meeteetse School  Auditorium                                    
2107 Idaho St.
Meeteetse, WY

General admission:   Limited Seating
$15 Adult  $12 Senior/Student/Children

Available on-line at

Or at the Meeteetse Visitors Center
 2005 Warren St. in Meeteetse, 307-868-2454
Or Cody Country Chamber of Commerce,
836 Sheridan Ave. in Cody 307-587-2297
or Powell Valley Chamber of Commerce
111 Day St. in Powell  307-754-3494

Lodging and 2-Ticket Packages starting at $74:  Call 1-800-393-2639

Tuvans return to Meeteetse

Tuva, a central Asian republic nestled between Siberia and Mongolia is the home of the world’s original horsemen.  As musicians, Tuvans not only transform the sounds of the natural world into music through imitation, they make sonic “maps” of physical landscapes which may be expressed in texted songs, throat-singing, whistling, or other types of vocal production.  After more than 20 successful US tours and as veterans of performances in nearly every European country, Huun Huur Tu has emerged as the foremost international representative of Tuva’s remarkable musical culture.  These four talented gentlemen will transport you half way around the world, to another place and time with their incredible music and vocals.  You may notice an incredible similarity in the landscape their music reveals and that we know in Wyoming. 

“The Tuvans will ride into your brain and leave
hoofprints up and down your spine.”
                                                            -San Francisco Bay Guadian

The Park County Arts Council proudly brings the return of Huun Huur Tu to the Meeteetse School Gym for a performance on Thursday September 27th at 7:00pm.  Tickets are $15 Adult and $12 Senior (65 and up) and Students (children or with valid Student ID).  Tickets are available on-line at
or at the visitors Center in Meeteetse or the Chamber of Commerces in Cody and Powell.  Seating is limited.

This group of talented musicians and throat singers performed in Meeteetse in 2007 to a record crowd.  Audience members still talk of this experience and have insisted on a return performance.  If you missed them, this is your chance to hear a music form so familiar and yet so rooted in a culture far away.  Steve Schrepferman, Director of the Park County Arts Council, says “During their stay in 2007, Huun Huur  Tu showed us pictures of Tuva that were so similar to the landscape and lifestyles of Wyoming.  Their horse culture and way of life has so many ties to our cowboy west it is surprising.  It also establishes ties to a distant place, one that you might not expect to find such similarity.”

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