Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Rogue's Pawn" by Jeffe Kennedy is "clever, imaginative and fun"

One-time Wyomingite Jeffe Kennedy, recipient of a Blanchan/Doubleday writing award and a creative writing fellowship, has a new book. Here's the info (from Deborah Nemeth, freelance editor at Carina Press):
Fantasy romance Rogue's Pawn by Jeffe Kennedy is clever, imaginative and fun. A discontented college professor finds herself suddenly transported to Faerie, discovers she has magical powers, and is immediately forced to bargain for her life in an unsettling world. I love the way the smart and resourceful heroine applies the scientific method to learn about her magical abilities and limitations.
It might sound like a contradiction to describe this novel as both dark and humorous, but Jeffe Kennedy manages to pull off this dichotomy with style. She captures the darkness lurking beneath the Disneyfied land, its frivolous but merciless inhabitants, and the mysterious, sexy fae lord hero.
The Bookpushers gave this title a thoughtful joint review, calling it "a fantastic and engrossing read…multi-layered and cerebral as well as dreamy…with memorable characters in a dark seductive world filled with wit and passion and rich imagination."

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