Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TourWest 2013-2014 Grant Application Now Open

The TourWest grant program is now open and accepting applications. The application deadline is April 1, 2013.   
TourWest is a competitive grant program that provides subsidies to arts and community organizations for the presentation of out-of-state touring performers and literary artists. Funds are available to organizations that sponsor performances within the 13-state WESTAF region. Projects must take place between September 1, 2013 and August 31, 2014. All projects must have one public performance and one outreach activity. TourWest standard performance grants are available in an amount of up to $2,500 or 50% of the artistic fees, whichever is less. Applicants may apply for up to two standard performance grants. This year, we will not be accepting work samples by mail. All work samples must be uploaded as a digital file on the TourWest application site. To apply to TourWest and view additional information about the grant guidelines and work sample file requirements, please visit
All TourWest grants must be matched on a one-to-one basis in cash by the presenting organization. Funds are available to organizations that sponsor performances or literary events within the 13-state WESTAF region. In order to receive funding from this program, applicants should demonstrate their commitment to the following key elements: a) high artistic quality; b) collaboration and block booking; c) presentation of programs to underserved and/or culturally diverse audiences; and d) audience development and community participation. 
Applicants should create only one profile in the system; please do not create a separate username and password for each year's application. In order to maintain all of your grant applications in one place, please use the same login information for each TourWest grant round. Your profile will provide you with access to all of the TourWest grant applications, for this year, previous years, and in the future. 
Please note that each application can be used for only ONE project. If you wish to apply for funding for two projects, you must complete and submit two separate applications. 

New applicants and previous applicants with questions or new approaches to their applications are encouraged to call the WESTAF office at (303) 629-1166 to receive advice and guidance from a TourWest staff person.

TourWest is a program of WESTAF (the Western States Arts Federation) and is supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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