Friday, January 22, 2010

Lori Van Pelt in new anthology w/update

Saratoga's Lori Van Pelt joins Sue Grafton, Phillip Lopate, Kim Stafford, John Dufresne and Dorianne Laux as contributors to the new book "Writers and Their Notebooks." Lori's essay in the book is entitled "The Icebreaker." She won a 2009 poetry fellowship from the Wyoming Arts Council.

The book is being published Jan. 26 by the University of South Carolina Press. Hardcovers are $49.95 and softcovers, $24.95. Order from yoru favorite bookseller.

Lynn Z. Bloom, author of "The Seven Deadly Virtues" and "Other Lively Virtues," said this: “Writers and Their Notebooks is a lively collection of informal writings about journal-keeping. Its intimate glimpses of writing processes, travel, survival–and life itself–will give would-be writers a jump-start."


UPDATE 1/25/10: wyomingarts forgot to mention that Diana Raab is the editor and compiler of this collection. She also wrote the introduction. Diana will be panel moderator for “Writing Biographies: Making Someone Else’s Story Your Own” April 8 at the AWP Conference at the Denver Convention Center. Panelists include some of the contributors to "Writers and Their Notebooks." Get more info on Diana at