Monday, April 12, 2010

Zak Pullen and friends open new Casper gallery

The Casper Star-Trib featured a story about a new art gallery in Casper:

You expect to see bronze cowboys and prairie landscapes in Wyoming art galleries. But those pieces are not usually displayed alongside folk art or abstract sculpture.

The owners of The Corridor Gallery want to change that. They’ve created a space in downtown Casper to display an eclectic mix of art, from traditional Western to more contemporary pieces.

“I think the diversity is where the success lies,” said Zach Pullen, who developed the gallery’s concept. “And I think before, there wasn’t diversity here. I think the general assumption is you have to have a Western gallery in Wyoming to be successful, and I’ve seen a lot of Western galleries leave because people are interested in something else.”

The Corridor, which takes its name from the long, skinny space it resides in, will host the works of Pullen and 10 member artists. The gallery owners plan to integrate various art forms into one space so artists are exposed to new audiences.

“Next to your favorite artist is going to be the work of somebody else,” said Reed Merschat, a Casper entrepreneur who’s partnered with Pullen and Pullen’s father, Dave, on the project. “Everything mixes together to create as much diversity as we can.”

The Billings Gazette reprinted the story at