Monday, May 17, 2010

Meet Pinedale's Sue Sommers, WAC visual arts fellowships honorable mention

Sue Sommers of Pinedale received an honorable mention in the 2010 Wyoming Arts Council visual arts fellowship competition.

Here's the artist's statement which accompanied her application:

This group of watercolor/gouache portraits was inspired by images from my family photo album. All of the children pictured would now be at least 50 years old. They are my family, myself, friends and classmates -- and I am looking back at them across time.

Children are very conscious of the adult gaze. In the photos, I see children looking back at adult authority. How they respond to the adult "in charge" will shape their entire lives, and says a lot about who they are or yearn to be. It will stay with them into adulthood.

The process of painting portraits from the photographs forces me to look closely and intimately at the expressions and body language of the children. Re-interpreting the image this way helps me bring out what I know is under the surface.

To view Sue's work, go to