Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot music on a cool summer night

The Cheyenne yard concert was a hit all around. A few had worried eyes (well, me; someone has to worry, after all) watching the close southern sky, but the pesky breeze seemed to blow all the clouds somewhere else that evening and cooled us all down considerably. But no rain and no high plains hurricane made for some bluesy good music from Jeff Finlin, Cory McDaniel and Amy Gieske. The small group of attendees were bowled over by it all, and the food was good. If you haven't been to a yard concert, you ought to give one a try. All I have to say is, "Where were ya?"

Keep an eye out for (hopefully) more yard concerts to take place around Cheyenne. 

Best, Linda                             

Left to right: Jeff (playing guitar drum, or drum guitar, not sure which, but I think it depends on which way the neck is pointing), Cory, Amy