Monday, September 20, 2010

WWInc at MPiBA this weekend; MPiBA director resigns

Lisa Knudsen, Colorado-based director of the Mountains and Plains Indpendent Booksellers Association, has announced she is leaving at the end of the year. Many booksellers in Wyoming are members of this organization. The big MPiBA convention will be held in Denver this weekend. Look for the Wyoming Writers, Inc., table. Here's info about the event from Anne Heberelin, who coordinates the WWInc table with John Nesbitt:
Mountain & Plains Independent Booksellers Association (MPIBA) holds their exclusive expo every September. Booksellers, book distributors, publishing houses, and upon occasion editors and agents attend looking to place book orders, market their latest publications, meet their customers, and search for new talent. By participating in this event WWInc. members have an opportunity to market their works, meet their public, and maybe network a book signing.

This event is one where you can “put yourself out there” from a safe place, in the company of friends and fellow writers. This year’s event takes place September 23 – 25th. The event is being held at the Denver Tech Center Marriott. There will be a wrap-up article in the next WWInc. newsletter.
More on Knudsen here