Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Call for applications: PlatteForum in Denver

2011-2012 Creative Residency
Application deadline May 20, 2011
Apply Now

PlatteForum selects artists annually from applicants of all artistic genres. The six-week residency gives artists the time, support and space to advance their work.  PlatteForum inspires them to take risks and explore new possibilities. Each resident dedicates time to groups of youth in Learning Labs or intensive workshops that build upon the ideas and forms of the resident artist. The Creative Resident also mentors ArtLab, PlatteForum’s internship program participants. The Creative Residency culminates in a performance or exhibition of the artist’s work presented in tandem with the youths’ work at our studio.

PlatteForum is a member of the  Alliance of Artist Communities, an international organization that advances creativity.  In short, they are research-and-development labs for the arts. While there are many ways to support and experience the arts – books and paintings, performances and poetry, movies, museums, and music – artists’ communities support individuals in the creation of new art and ideas.

Joshua Wiener, one of the 2011 WAC visual arts fellowship judges and workshop leaders, conducted a PlatteForum residency in 2009. Read more about it, and his presentation "Elevating Nature: The Germination of Ideas," by going to http://www.platteforum.org/residency.php?residency=Joshua%20Wiener&program_id=5

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