Monday, May 9, 2011

UW Fine Arts Building enters next phase of renovation

From a UW press release:

Additions to and renovations of the University of Wyoming Fine Arts Building will move forward following Friday's selection of an architect/engineering firm for the project, the second phase of improvements to UW fine arts facilities. UW's Board of Trustees on Friday selected Tobin Associates P.C./Hammel, Green & Abrahamson of Cheyenne and Minneapolis, Minn., as the project's architect and engineer. A silver equivalent LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating, with alternative energy and systems approaches to sustainability, will be a requirement of the facility design and construction. Portions of the Fine Arts Building will be vacated by the Department of Art upon completion of the first phase, the Visual Arts Building expected to be completed late this fall. The Performing Arts project may include approximately 50,000 gross square feet of new construction and renovation of portions of the existing building of approximately 120,000 gross square feet. The improvements to the building will include: Personnel and faculty offices; office support such as work rooms, reception, conference/seminar rooms, lounges and storage rooms; teaching laboratory/studios such as music, music rehearsal, acting and dance; and performance spaces such as concert halls and theatres. The funding is available through a 2011 appropriation to complete the design and construction documents to obtain a guaranteed-maximum price to present to the 2012 Wyoming State Legislature to construct and equip the Performing Arts addition and renovate the Fine Arts Building, says Douglas H. Vinzant, the university's vice president for administration.

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