Tuesday, July 12, 2011

British land artist Chris Drury at work in Laramie on new piece for "Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational"

This post comes from UW Art Museum Director Susan Moldenhauer (via Facebook):

British land artist Chris Drury is on location at the University of Wyoming (see photo) to create a new work for the Art Museum's exhibition, "Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational!" Check the University of Wyoming Art Museum FB or blog at http://www.facebook.com/l/BAQDMk7vDAQB6vOXYFPw6pOCvqvqiSdVeSXHW_eDNsWwWjw/www.uwartmuseum.blogspot.com for progress reports and pix!

Made from Wyoming coal and beetle kill pine, the 36 foot diameter work, "Carbon Sink," appears as a vortex, rotating inward. Here's what it will look like when completed:

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