Friday, December 9, 2011

Contribution deadline approaches for Pipeline to Miami

From Sue Sommers in Pinedale:

I have been asked to send a reminder to you all about the deadline for Pipeline to Miami. I should have mentioned this in yesterday's email, so please forgive my cluttering your Inbox.

Today only three days are left in our Pipeline to Miami fundraiser. You have helped us raise $8650, which meets our minimum of $8000 and then some. United States Artists welcomes additional support to our maximum level of $14,300, up to the midnight Dec. 12 deadline.

When you support our project through United States Artists, you are also giving to an approved, innovative nonprofit that invests in accomplished artists all over the United States -- a unique, nationwide effort to grow the arts. Pipeline Art Project therefore feels that continuing to fundraise up to our deadline is (to borrow a phrase from Mary Chapin Carpenter), "too much to expect, but not too much to ask."

Our project page can be found at for those who may be interested in supporting this ambitious venture before closing time!

One other reminder: Pipeline Art Project will present information resulting from our Miami trip, as well as a public art exhibit, at "CLICK! A Weekend for Wyoming Visual Artists" in Pinedale, Wyoming, the weekend of March 30 - April 1, 2012. This symposium will be a collaboration between the Wyoming Arts Council, UW Art Museum, Pinedale Fine Arts Council, and Sublette County Library.

Thank you all for spreading the word about Pipeline to Miami, and for believing in us. Because of you, we will keep moving forward with our mission of bringing Wyoming creative energy to the world outside our state!

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