Friday, December 16, 2011

Dan Hayward launches "Crow Tribal Photographs, Then and Now" project on KickStarter

From photographer Dan Hayward in Laramie:

I’ve embarked on a large fund raising campaign to raise the initial funds for a project called “Crow Tribal Photographs, Then and Now.” Through the project I’ll create of a current photographic and narrative record of life on the Crow Reservation during the next year, which will then be combined and juxtaposed with Crow photographs taken by Richard Throssel 100 years ago.

The funding campaign is through the web site KickStarter, the world’s leading funding platform for creative projects. I launched the project’s funding today, Dec. 15, and, although the campaign extends into January, I hope to reach my $28,000 goal by New Years Day!!! That way, as people continue contributing, the project will gain the funding to grow into a more comprehensive body of work to be presented in more and more mediums. (The full project budget is well over $100K…..)
This is a huge undertaking, but with everyone helping out by sharing this message with their families and friends, by posting it on their FaceBook, Twitter and other social media networks, and by asking everyone else to share the message with their families, friends and other contacts, it’s a doable thing!!! Donations begin at $1 and rise from there… (Can’t really go down from there….). And EVERY contributor of $5 and above will receive rewards directly from the project for their assistance.

Simply click to go to my KickStarter page and you’ll find the short video I produced to introduce and explain the project to everyone. Additionally, you’ll find more project and fund raising information on the page, as well as descriptions of the rewards each person will receive for their pledge. I’ll update the site as things proceed and as new information becomes available…. And as new video and still photographs are shot. (I received a small $500 grant from the Wyoming Arts Council for the project so I can make a trip to the reservation in the next few days to meet with elders and others on the res, and to photograph and edit the first still and video images taken specifically for the project itself).

Your pledge is just that: a pledge that will be debited to your credit card account in the days immediately following the end of the campaign, but ONLY IF the funding goal is reached. The kicker about KickStarter is that their funding campaigns are all-or-nothing propositions. When we reach and exceed my $28K goal, all of the funds pledged will then go to the project. However, if we don’t reach the goal by the campaign’s end, the project receives none of your pledges. Zero. Bupkis. Zilch. Nada…..

That’s why it’s so important that you become part of the project and help me spread the word by sharing this message and the link to my KickStarter page. It’s less about large donations and more about large numbers of people spreading the message and giving smaller amounts. People don’t have to know me to become involved, so please share and help it viral.

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