Monday, December 19, 2011

Lyn Dalebout's "7 Stars for 7 Bears" featured in Jackson's Poetry Box

Meg Daly sends this news:

I am thrilled to announce that, for Solstice, the Poetry Box will feature a new poem by Lyn Dalebout written especially for Solstice this year. Entitled "7 Stars for 7 Bears," the poem celebrates our bounty of grizzly sightings this year... 

Lyn's poem will be in the Poetry Box until next Saturday, Dec. 24. Make sure to get your copy - the box remains in its trusty location outside of Valley Bookstore in downtown Jackson.

And keep your ear to the ground for upcoming poems by locals David Porter, Amely Greeven, Sunny Hoover, and Laura Garrard...

Read more poems by Lyn Dalebout at

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