Monday, December 12, 2011

Exhibit of Ginnie Madsen's prints and watercolors opens Dec. 16 at Lander Art Center

Lander Art Center sends this:

Come and join us for the opening reception of "What I've Made from What I've Seen: Prints and Watercolors by Ginnie Madsen" on Friday, December 16, 6-8 p.m. Appetizers provided by Lander Art Center members and members of the Lander Community. Beverages provided by Lander Bar. Ginnie Madsen will give a short talk about 7 p.m.

Ginnie Madsen on her life, art and exhibition at the Lander Art Center:

"I grew up in Chicago, but have lived in Laramie, WY for about 35 years. I earned a BFA at the University of Chicago in 1968, and taught elementary school art for two years.  After several years raising a family, I went back to school.  I received my MFA from the University of Wyoming in 1991. I taught drawing, printmaking and sculpture in the University of Wyoming’s Art Department from 1996-2007. I am now retired.

I enjoy working in several mediums: making oil paintings, watercolors and prints. I believe that producing images in different mediums feeds and strengthens each of them.

Most of my work starts with direct observations of places and activities, or recollections of these. My artistic goal is to create work that expresses my interest and delight in both the natural and man-made world. I wish to capture the beauty or excitement I find in these observations on canvas and paper.

I have painted for many years, but in this body of work I am interested in exploring what unique benefits the process of printing will provide. For me, one of these benefits is that work created through a relief print process requires the simplification or distillation of the subject or idea.  I believe that aside from the objects depicted, colors, textures, and shapes can also evoke emotional states. I am interested in finding and using techniques that are unique to relief prints.  Picking up wet ink with another plate (a process used in “Parking” and “Warming Up”), bleeding hues (frequently used in my work and shown in “At a Distance” and “Early Spring”), and working on different papers (as in “First Light” and  “Weathered”) can create an ambiance in the work that is harder to achieve in other mediums."

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