Friday, April 13, 2012

Beet Street unveils Arts Incubator of the Rockies curriculum design at April 25 public meeting

The Wyoming Arts Council is one of the state arts agencies in the West participating in the Arts Incubator of the Rockies (AIR) project launched last year by Beet Street in Fort Collins, Colo. Here's a press release from Beet Street about the next phase of AIR:

The Arts Incubator of the Rockies (AIR) is proud to announce a public unveiling of the AIR Curriculum Design that will highlight the hard work, time, and creativity that has been put into place over the past three months of developing the core curriculum. On Wednesday, April 25th, AIR will be hosting an "Unveiling of Curriculum Design" from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at the Lincoln Center, Canyon West room.

The Arts Incubator of the Rockies (AIR) is an ambitious initiative of Beet Street, created in partnership with the City of Fort Collins Cultural Services Department, and Colorado State University (CSU) School of the Arts. AIR is a regional arts incubator that serves 10 states and more than 280,000 artists and creatives in the Intermountain West. Based in Fort Collins, AIR is designed to serve both the local and regional cultural workforce by providing professional development classes, entrepreneurial and business training and other skills-based activities through distance learning, internships, collaborations and resource sharing. AIR serves all creative and community members who want to shift the paradigms about art, money, value, and community. 

Please RSVP online at Beet Street by April 23, 2012. Seating is limited.  

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