Monday, June 11, 2012

Help get Katherine Palochak's jewelry on the cover of The Crafts Report -- vote today only!

"Moon Risng"
From WAC roster artist Katherine Palochak in Carbon County:

One of my necklaces was selected for consideration to be featured on the cover of The Crafts Report. I’ve made the first draft of the submissions that have been narrowed down to 64 entries, selected by the staff of Crafts Report. I’m really excited that there’s someone in Wyoming made it this far, especially when you consider our low populace. The contestants have been divided into groups of 4. Each group will have a popular vote on Facebook to decide which of the four will advance to the next round. My voting round is today, June 11th! Will you take a few minutes and help me get to the next round? All you have to do is go to the link at!/CraftsReport and “like” my piece and that will get me a vote. There is only this one day, Monday, that you can vote for my necklace. Invite your friends and family to vote too! Thanks for your support, everyone!

Katherine Palochak

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