Tuesday, July 3, 2007

East travels West for "The Laramie Project"

If you want an idea of the amazing things that creative young people can do with their summer vacations, go to the blog for the No Fog West Theater Company in Sheridan. Here’s a short description of the group’s project:

No Fog West Theater Company was started in February 2007 on Vassar College campus by a group of freshmen students interested in performing "The Laramie Project" in the summer. Students from all over the country came to Sheridan, Wyoming, to live, learn and let go of socially constructed prejudices. This blog is written primarily by ten actors from various states living in Sheridan and sharing a summer of magic. We will be documenting the progression of the play and our lives here. Enjoy!

Why Sheridan? One of the students behind the effort is Grace Cannon, who grew up in Sheridan and now is at Vassar. Her mom, Susie Cannon, once owned The Book Shop on Main Street. The cast is rehearsing when they’re not working at local fast-food joints and doing morning chores at ranches around the county. They recently drove to Laramie to take a look at the sites portrayed in The Laramie Project.

Performance times will be announced soon. Get more info at this blog and the one for the NFWTC.

Here’s a shot of the cast: