Monday, March 14, 2011

Corridor Gallery debuts "Abstracted Landscapes in the Kingdom of the Sky Queen" March 25

The Corridor Gallery announces the debut showing of “Abstracted Landscapes in the Kingdom of the Sky Queen” by Casper artists Maria Rose and E.K. Wimmer. Opening Friday, March 25, 7 p.m. and showing through Sunday, March 27, “Abstracted Landscapes in the Kingdom of the Sky Queen” is mixed-media assembly based closely on a story. The chronicle depicted is that of a general whose quest for a mystic book holding the secrets of creation guarded by the Sky Queen and her loyal Bird Army. The story is brought to life with sculpture, paintings, collage and motion picture. Rose and Wimmer meticulously deliver their original whimsical mixed-media story transporting the viewer into full concept immersion.

E.K. Wimmer and Maria Rose biography:

E.K. Wimmer was born in New York in 1980 and spent his early years in New Mexico. He began making short films and studying classical music around the age of 11. Maria Rose was born in 1981 in Havre, Montana. She began formal art training at age 13. E.K. and Maria attended art classes together in high school under the training of the allegorical painter Michael Copeland. In 1999 they co-wrote “A Tendentious Man Discovers Theology”, their first short film together. After high school they both studied art in Europe with Michael Copeland. In 1999 E.K. had his first solo photography show called Photomontages. That same year they both attended college in NM for art. Maria, attending by the Lorraine Schula Art Scholarship studied painting and E.K. studied photography. E.K. and Maria were married in the summer of 2001 and shortly after transferred to the University of Montana to finish their undergraduate degrees. During this time, E.K.’s photography was represented in the Steve Bicknell Gallery in London, England. After completing their undergraduate education in Montana the couple moved to Denver to begin coursework at the University of Denver, both seeking master’s degrees in art history. While in Denver they exhibited in several shows between the years 2007-2009, including E.K.’s second solo exhibit, She, at the 023 Gallery and a duel show between Maria and E.K. called Silhouettes and Abstracts at the Other Side Arts Gallery. The couple also organized and showed in the Iandi Art Movement Spring Salon in 2007. They have co-written and directed several music videos and short films including Peel This Onion and Simply Call My Name, the latter of which was screened at the 5F Film Festival. The couple and their work have been featured in several publications including: Phosphorescence, Side Down and Hey Quarterly. The couple has work in private collections throughout North America and Europe including New York City, London and Los Angeles. E.K. Wimmer and Maria Rose moved to Casper, WY in 2009. E.K. is currently the curator of the Wyoming Veterans’ Memorial Museum and Maria teaches art history at Casper College.

Event Title: Abstracted Landscapes in the Kingdom of the Sky Queen
Opening Date/Time: March 25, 2011 doors open at 7 pm, cash bar
Showing: Regular business hours, Saturday 10am – 5pm and Sunday Noon – 4pm
Where: The Corridor Gallery 120 East second street Casper Wyoming 82601
Contact: The corridor 307 333 7035, Zak direct 307 262 3549 or Reed direct 307 259 8001

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