Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cody's Steve Schrepferman is featured artist at Clay Paper Scissors Gallery

From artist, gallery owner and WAC colleague Camellia El-Antably:
This month we are featuring Steve Schrepferman, a Cody ceramicist, at Clay Paper Scissors in honor of National Crafts Month. Steve is a highly versatile potter with work from the gorgeously functional (drinking from one of his cups is lovely experience in balance and texture) to quirky functional to large scale urns and vases and wall hangings. The work is often thrown and then modified and always glazed with rich, deep colors. Some of the pieces in the gallery now have an almost African sense to them. You can get a taste of his work at his website,, where he says:
My visual sensibility is rooted in the colors, textures, and rugged forms in the landscape of the American West. I am in awe of the immense vistas and canyons and feel a strong connection to the great physical and spiritual energy of this land. These are the energies I strive to capture in my work.
Art Design & Dine will be tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 11, from 5-8 p.m. Clay Paper Scissors is located at 1506 Thomes, Ste B, at the southeast corner of the building facing the tracks. Steve's work will be up through November.
Also during ADD: Mark Vinich, a studio artist, has artwork in the Teacher Show at the Civic Center; Mark and Camellia El-Antably's show, "Memories & Curious Conversations," continues at the Hynds Building at the corner of 16th and Capitol.
Studio Space is available! Please come talk to us about it.

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