Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sean Hart's new Laramie co-op gallery is looking for artists

Painter Sean Hart has a gallery at 404 S. 2nd St. in downtown Laramie. It's called 2 Bazaar Gallery. He is opening another space. He describes his plans this way:
We own another building in downtown Laramie that has been vacant for over a year and I want to open it up to artists as a gallery based on a co-op model. There is about 5,400 square feet on two floors. The second floor has a stage, lighting and sound system and possible artist studio spaces. The university and others have done plays and events there. I am not doing this to make money. It is just that the space has been empty and I have done art shows and sales there with some success. Here is my plan as I see it now. I am open to suggestions and ideas. 
I plan to charge an 18 percent commission on sales. This is what I figure it will cost for insurance, utilities, credit card fees, maintenance etc. Each artist will be required to open the gallery on a Saturday on a rotating basis. If we have 12 artists that would be once every three months. We will set up a studio space in the front window where they can work on art pieces while they run the gallery.
In the beginning we will need to advertise. A 3x4 inch ad in the Laramie Boomerang newspaper is about $60.If 12 artists contribute, that's only five dollars each. Once a month or maybe twice a month we will have an artist reception with featured artists. 
The building is ready to begin accepting art and could be open soon with just four artists to start as early as Saturday, Oct. 20. We plan a big holiday sale. 
If you're an artist interested in this venture, contact Sean at 307-742-2888 or email him any time at

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  1. Sean does it again. Sign me up. Vincent