Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Art, Design & Dine Art Walk on Aug. 12, 5-8 p.m.

Art, Design and Dine Art Walk takes place on Thursday, Aug. 12, 5-8 p.m., at 11 downtown Cheyenne businesses. They include the Link Gallery. Here's what's happening there:

This Thursday, the Link Gallery features Native American Tom Wadena, an Omaha Indian,who has executed not only a beautiful red and white beaded riding saddle, complete with halter cover and breastplate but also beautiful beaded vests. We also feature the works of the Native American artists represented by the Nightwalker Trading Post. These works include children's moccasins made of exquisitely executed pine cone needles painted in vivid reds and blues, including one pair that is for ceremonial use. We also have a pair of antique moccasins over 110 years old and moccasins recently executed in smoked, brain tanned skin.

In addition we will be featuring the limited edition Japanese block prints of R.C. Gorman, noted Native American Artist, as well as framed wood carved native images with arrow head collections by Vernon Nightwalker. We also will feature beautifully beaded chockers and berets of lovely red, white and blue, rawhide Eagle Shields and an authentic War Shirt consisting of brain tanned skin, colorful bead work and horse hair. Also we will have a brilliantly beaded rifle sheath with buckskin braiding, a perfect match to take along with the saddle.

Also we will have a silver with gold Concho belt, a silver and turquoise Concho belt and a set of silver bolo tie with silver and turquoise steer head belt buckle. We also have acquired for exhibit a beautiful bear rug and a full size authentic buffalo robe.
Other participating venues:

Ewe Count, 819 Randall Ave., 307-638-1148
Clay Paper Scissors, 1506 Thomes Ave., Suite B, 307-631-6039
The Quilted Corner, 309 West Lincolnway, 307-638-2002
Artful Hand Studio and Gallery, corner of East 1st Ave. and House, 229-546-5183
Glen Garrett Architect, 1623 Capitol Ave., 307-632-4077
Warren Nagle Mansion, 222 East 17th St., 307-637-3333
Prairie Wind Fiber Arts and Beads, 1916 House Ave., 307-632-3082
Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne, 3005 Thomes Ave., 307-638-4554
The Link Gallery, 1609 Capitol Ave., 307- 778-0330
Deselms Fine Art, 124 W. Lincolnway and 303 East 17th St., 307-432-0606
Laramie County Public Library, 2200 Pioneer Ave., 307-634-3561

This month's featured restaurant is The Library Cafe.

Pick up a map at any participating businesses, get it stamped at five and bring it in to The Library Cafe for 15% off your order.